menu for august 21st - september 17th

mexican small plates

chunky guacamole, classic garnishes, crispy tostadas    7.25

mexican wedge, avocado dressing, grilled corn, tomatoes, bacon    11.50

mahi mahi ceviche, tomato, habanero, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, tostadas    10.95

elotes, mayonnaise, queso cotija, arugula, lime    11.95

young greens salad, chipotle dressing, roasted red peppers, avocado, pickled onions, candied peanuts, cilantro    8.95

grilled cobia, poblano corn sauce, tomato salad, jalapeño dressing    14.50

grilled pork ribs, honey bbq, crema, queso fresco, tomatillo pico de gallo    13.95

sweet corn tamal, corn cream, crispy beef brisket threads, blueberry salsa    12.95

grilled flank steak, roasted potato, crispy onion, guajillo sauce, cilantro    13.95

chile en nogada, walnut cream sauce, pork picadillo, nectarines, pears, almonds, pomegranate    13.95

wild mushroom flautas, roasted poblano sauce, pea shoot salad, radishes, black beans, queso    10.50

albondigas huarache ahogada, bechamel, tomato morita, chihuahua cheese, shoots    13.95

chicken picadillo sopes, peanuts, guajillo pumpkinseed sauce, chayote slaw    11.50

corn chowder, rajas, queso    7.50

enchiladas potosinas, goat cheese filling, avocado salsa, crema, queso fresco    9.50

seared scallops, aguachile, zucchini mint salad, watermelon    16.95

pork belly tacos, salsa negra, kiwi pico de gallo, chicharron    12.95


vanilla tres leches, seasonal compote, whipped cream, cream soda ice cream    8.00

oaxacan chocolate flan, roasted plantain ice cream, maldon sea salt    8.00

sweet empanadas, peanut butter, seasonal compote and oaxacan chocolate    8.00

mexican chocolate cake, chocolate crumble, cajeta, buttermilk ice cream    8.00


coffee    2.00

soda    2.00

coca cola    2.00

topo chico    2.00

diet coke    2.00

mexican chocolate, house marshmallow    4.50

house limeade    2.50 / pitcher 10.50

virgin sangria    2.50 / pitcher 10.50

limit one 750ml bottle or one 6-pack of beer for every party of two

two credit cards maximum per table

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